Work With Me

I offer my skills to create a safe non-judgmental environment where I meet my clients where they are and we can then, explore together their issues. I bring qualities of deep listening and intuition to my work, which allows me to attune to my client’s needs and support them in reaching their goals. I focus on designing and implementing individually tailored programs that promote sustainable changes towards a more satisfying life.  I take pride in being able to help my clients create meaning in their lives.

Personally, I have found Integral Coaching and Family Constellations to be the most powerful and effective tools to use with in my practice. So if you are interested in exploring new possibilities of personal growth to achieve a more balanced, fulfilling and better lifestyle, you could embark with me on a transformational journey.


Integral Coaching

Coaching means building someone’s competencies to better face their life circumstances. In Integral Coaching we first focus on understanding the strength of your current way of dealing with the topic you want to work on. This can be improving your relationship, finding more confidence in your work, changing a career or anything you need support with.

Recognising the strength of what you do already, we will identify what needs to be worked on. We will then co-create a path forward that includes activities, custom-designed especially for you. In that way you will gradually strengthen your capabilities to deal with the topic you want to explore.

Integral Coaching is based on the Integral Theory of Ken Wilber, one of the most important philosophers in the world today.

“Integral Coaching provides what we believe is the most complete and comprehensive coaching method available.” — Ken Wilber


Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a powerful method to help you recognise difficult entanglements in the systems you are part of. In an experimental way, you will be more able to understand your position in these systems and its dynamics. 

This method can help you recognise the violations of the unspoken laws guiding everyone’s behaviour in the systems: your family of origin or your present family, your relationship or the organisation you work in. For example, when a child wants to mend the broken hearts of her parents, unwritten family laws are violated and suffering usually arises from it.

By letting other group participants create a spatial constellation which represents your family or system, the destructive dynamics of them come to light. Healing movements are then possible and supported by the facilitator. As a result, a deep relaxation can be found that allows love to flow again between members of the (family) system.

Family Constellations can also be done in individual sessions, where cushions or other objects can be used to represent members of the system.